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Membership level
Any scan code
into the club
Cumulative up to
RMB 3000
Cumulative up to
RMB 5000
Cumulative up to
RMB 10000
Member rights
Enjoy the integral
7 days no reason for return and exchange
15 yuan no threshold coupon
Enjoy birthday privilege
Member rights - class interests
Equity category Item/category Ordinary card Gold card Diamond card Extreme card Remarks
Definition Cumulative less than RMB 3000 Cumulative up to RMB 3000 Cumulative up to RMB 5000 Cumulative up to RMB 10000
class interests Admission ticket Free 15 yuan no-threshold coupon for membership / valid for 3 months
Points exchange 1 RMB=1 piont,50 points=1 RMB,Redeemable coupons/gifts;
Member’s day and birthday month points doubled
The points of the previous year are cleared at the end of February each year
Promotion ceremony Free 100 yuan coupon
100 minus over 1,000 yuan
Free 200 yuan coupon
200 minus over 2,000 yuan
Free 500 yuan coupon
500 minus over 5,000 yuan
After the upgrade, the system will automatically push it, and it can be used again after the upgrade
Introduction gift Referral to join the meeting and close the deal, give exclusive gifts
Experience class Priority purchase of new products Enjoy preferential purchase and discount in combination with new products on the market
Free laundry Only one wash is allowed in the same year Unlimited number of purchases in the current year Laundry month only
Thanksgiving exclusive Thanksgiving mail surprise gift Exclusive gift of supreme card