Sold Out Immediately! Bosideng New-Generation Down Jacket Becomes A Disrupter in the Fashion Market
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Sold Out Immediately! Bosideng New-Generation Down Jacket Becomes A Disrupter in the Fashion Market

 Bosideng and Jean Paul Gaultier are making their New-Generation Down Jacket the most coveted collab in this winter. Launched during the Double 11 Shopping Festival in China, as Bosideng’s flagship store on Alibaba’s Tmall was crushed by zealous shoppers, several most-chased-after designs were sold out in a very short time after drop. The retail stores were also inundated with customers, attracting internet celebrities to visit and purchase the latest collection. The New-Generation Down Jacket was also celebrated by the top five fashion magazines and recommended by celebrities, helping it get the most buzz in the whole fashion world. It is undoubtedly that the latest collection has become a trend with long-standing popularity.

The Fashion World's New Favorite, the Bosideng Collection 

Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the most iconic French fashion designers and the man behind Hermès' exceptional success in the 21st century. He was Creative Director of the most valued fashion house for seven years. Jean Paul Gaultier is famous for his trailblazing signature designs such as the reinvented girdle, the nautical stripes, and the cone bra. This is the second collaboration between Bosideng and Jean Paul Gaultier, following the success in 2019 when the legendary French designer chose Bosideng as his first Chinese fashion brand partner. As soon as the news comes out, it has instantly made headlines in the fashion industry and among consumers and has become an online sensation.

Early adopters such as Yang Mi, one of the top influencers in high street fashion, and William Chan, all-rounded singer, actor and artist, have become brand ambassadors for the New-Generation Dawn Jacket Collection. Other celebrities including Esther Yu, Snow Kong, Meng Jia, Cecilia Boey, Song Yi and Ju Xiaowen, portraying a wide range of characters, also dress up to embrace the iconic winter fashion.

Bosideng x Jean Paul Gaultier New-Generation Dawn Jacket Collection has made headlines after its formal debut, both in domestic media platforms and in five world top fashion magazines, namely Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Marie Claire, which created a powerful and heatedly-discussed statement in the fashion world. 

Celebrities, Internet stars and consumers all rushed to place their pre-orders at the earliest possible time, as the debut on October 28th adopts the latest see-now-buy-now model, where the Collection was released on Bosideng’s flagship store on Tmall right after live-streaming. Popular runway looks and celeb looks were quickly sold out online. When the new collection reached retail stores at the midnight after the show day, consumers lined up for the chance to carry them home.

Bosideng’s High Fashion Down Jack Keeps You Warm and Chic in Winter

Bosideng x Jean Paul Gaultier New-Generation Dawn Jacket Collection has inspired influencers to explore more outfit possibilities, which made the down jacket the most popular item in the winter. Undoubtedly, Bosideng and Mr. Gaultier have put lots of effort to improve down jacket patterns and versatility.

The reinvented corset-style takes shape from Mr. Gaultier’s classic haute couture collections. The slimmed waist design of the Grand Palais Collection highlights women’s enticing curve and body proportion, where the overall trench style goes perfectly with the creatively adopted classic lapel details. Bosideng also leveraged its database of millions of patterns to create the most suitable one tailored to the body shape of Asians. On the production side, the straight down filling technique is adopted to prevent feathers from coming out of the seam, the most painful issue. Snow Nights in Paris and Classic Navy are the most popular looks of the season. The romantic touch of snow in Paris is married seamlessly to the oversized band collar and convertibility, both elegant and highly functional. The jacket featuring classic naval elements of Mr. Gaultier goes easily with naval, cargo, or casual trousers, each presenting a surprisingly different outfit wearable in everyday life.

While Bosideng and Jean Paul Gaultier constantly try to bridge the gap between runway and fast fashion outfits, the material selection and production technology are also heavily invested. Featuring European 800-fill-power goose down, refined processing details, high-quality satin fabric, and the anti-bacterial textile solution by Nanotex® particularly used to improve protection against unusual circumstances, the New-Generational Down Jacket Collection, fused with the legendary French designer’s high street fashion elements, is a dazzling work of dedication and imagination that unifies aesthetics, character, performance and versatility.
Bosideng is Ready to Take China's fashion to the World

The aspiration of offering warmth to the world and the deep resonance with Jean Paul Gaultier on down jacket aesthetics forms the second collaboration and the New-Generation Down Jacket Collection. The two partners, Bosideng and Mr. Gaultier, have been constantly innovating and pushing boundaries in their respective fields in the past 45 years with a shared understanding of excellence. The co-creation is a vivid evidence of Mr. Gaultier’s whimsical creativity well-executed by Bosideng using its 45 years of technical and professional know-how in the down jacket.

Years of commitment and investment have allowed Bosideng to proudly ascend to leadership in the down jacket industry. It debuted its latest collections in New York, Milan, and London and maintained a strong network of top designers around the world to launch collaborations. Bosideng won the Most Popular Down Jacket Award of Sina Fashion, followed by the release of Mountaineering Collection, another groundbreaking innovation that offers the most advanced warmth and protection solution. The Mountaineering Collection features a combination of cutting-edge technology and applications including the rare goose down blends from the premium origin place located at the 43rd north parallel, the revolutionary GORE-TEX fabric, high-performance nano insulation materials used in space travel, as well as the RECCO detector. Every Mountaineering down jacket has to go through a production process of 489 steps. This collection is a redefinition of a professional down jacket that intrinsically offers high-performance insulation, weather resistance, and protection.

Bosideng is proud to be the unique Chinese brand that may compete against international brands in luxury outerwear. With its technological advancement, dedication and unremitting pursuit of excellence, Bosideng is ready to take China’s fashion to the world.

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