Bosideng and Jean Paul Gaultier, the Former Creative Director of Hermès, Launched the New-Generation Down Jacket Collection
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Bosideng and Jean Paul Gaultier, the Former Creative Director of Hermès, Launched the New-Generation Down Jacket Collection

Bosideng, the world-leading down jacket brand, and Jean Paul Gaultier, the legendary French designer and Former Creative Director of Hermès, unveiled their collaborative New-Generation Down Jacket Collection on October 28th, 2020 at Shanghai World Expo Culture Center. The show has been a star-studded event joined by a great number of celebrities and influencers, including Yang Mi and William Chan, both being the 2020 Designer Collection Ambassadors. Moreover, Alex Sun, CEO & Editorial Director of Marie Claire China, Diandian Liu, Vice President of Phoenix Media, and Masha Ma, the famous Chinese fashion designer also attended the fashion show to witness the latest release of the pre-eminent winter jacket brand.

This is the second collaboration between Bosideng and Jean Paul Gaultier, following the successful first season in 2019. The New-Generation Down Jacket Collection is a groundbreaking reinterpretation of the classic down jacket and inheritance to the creative philosophy shared by the two seasoned partners, all presented at a signature show aiming to revolutionizes the way that draw jacket is designed, perceived, and coveted. The Collection, with haute couture design, delicate balance between function and form, and cutting-edge technology applications, is a perfect combination between high-street fashion and down jacket that offers more warmth and protection to customers in the unprecedented chilling season.

With 45 years of experience in down jacket designing and producing, Bosideng has been constantly pursuing innovative design capacity and pushing technological boundaries, which would redefine Down Jacket Aesthetics. 

Mr. Gaultier reveals, “I am deeply impressed and moved by Bosideng’s strong commitment to continuously innovating on and upgrading materials, technology and design. I have reserved several dozens of the new jackets which I’d like to send to my family and friends as gifts to keep them well wrapped and away from cold.”

A Reinvented Legend Inspired by the Haute Couture Design

In a 360-degree immersive experience, the show brought the best of Paris to its audience, as Grand Palais, Snow Nights in Paris and Classic Navy created a spectacular trio of revolutionary design aesthetics.

The idea for Grand Palais was sparked by the Great Palace in Paris where Mr. Gaultier started his artistic career 44 years ago. It features the signature corset design reinvented by the French designer. Paying a tribute to the memory of classics, the corset also reinforces the enticingly beautiful curve of women’s bodies with a bold and distinctive touch on the silhouette.

Snow Nights in Paris was inspired by the city of Paris, Mr. Gautlier’s hometown. The snowy nights in the capital have been the most beautiful and secured memory for the legendary designer, and always an important source of inspiration in his long-time artistic journey. Snow Nights in Paris features a trendy asymmetrical and oversized band collar, and the snow pattern prints are hidden under the pure white external side. The down jacket is therefore a convertible piece and a strong statement for the design philosophy of “less is more”, where functionality and artistic flair are innovatively integrated. 

Classic Navy adopts one of the most classic elements that has been used throughout the designer’s entire fashion career and represents freedom and romance. The nautical stripes are revitalized in Classic Navy by the ingenious approach of Mr. Gaultier, as he expands the scope of traditional naval elements by incorporating the color, tailoring and silhouette of navy uniforms, using contrast color and fabrics and bringing the classical navy elegance back to life. The sleek layer look has become a unique naval style co-created by Gaultier and Bosideng. 

Aesthetic transformation is not the only part that has been leveled up. Leveraging its database of millions of patterns, Bosideng creates one that is more tailored to the body shape of Asian consumers. The selection of materials and production technology have also been largely upgraded thanks to innovation. On the production side, the straight down filling technique is adopted, replacing traditional stitching with seamless taping, to achieve better insulation. An anti-bacterial textile solution by Nanotex® is used creatively to improve protection.

45 Years of Refined Technology Widely Recognized by Celebrities and Consumers

The New-Generation Down Jacket Collection show was well-received by all the guests. Yang Mi, dressed in a black New-Generation trench-style down jacket, spoke highly of the launch event in the follow-up interview, “Bosideng never stops bringing me surprises. The runway and the design were both dazzling. The whimsical imagination of Mr. Gaultier is perfectly presented by Bosideng’s advanced technology and craftsmanship. Truly incredible and a good balance between high-end and street fashion looks. There are several of them that truly fit my wardrobe.”

William Chan has also had his eyes on a few pieces in the New-Generation Collection. “My personal favorite is the deconstructive design. Three outfit looks in one piece is super cool. It is highly innovative since it has to balance function and form. That is the way I would go with.”

Alex Sun, CEO & Editorial Director of Marie Claire China, cheers for the brand’s compassion and creativity. He said, “It has been a heart-warming event in an unprecedented time. It is not an easy task to accomplish. The show is full of touching stories about the romance in Paris, the friendship, or the love. The event also showcases Bosideng’s strong capabilities in innovation, which would allow them to compete even against the best-established fashion brands in the international market.”

Style Selection Going Crazy in Showroom as Celebrated by Fashion Influencers 

Apart from the big names in the industry, Bosideng’s Showroom is also flooded by influencers and bloggers. The see-now-buy-now model has also been well received by a great number of consumers. 

The seasonal collaboration has been inspired by the shared conscientiousness of the two sides as designers who hope to offer more warmth and protection to people in the unprecedented winter. With the technical support of Bosideng, Mr. Gaultier also aims to create more freely and translate his ideas into actual products. As revealed by Mr. Gaultier, “Bosideng has once again blown my mind. Its unique strength in technology know-how allows me to bring more possibility and creativity into real life. In the down jacket segment, Bosideng is a formidable player who is second to none!”

The New-Generation Down Jacket Collection has been in Bosideng’s flagship store on Tmall and in retail stores since October 29th, 2020.

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