Bosideng Collaborates with Jean Paul Gaultier to Launch Its New-Generation Down Jacket
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Bosideng Collaborates with Jean Paul Gaultier to Launch Its New-Generation Down Jacket

Bosideng announces today its new partnership with Jean Paul Gaultier, former Chief Designer at Hermès who led the luxury dynasty into full bloom. They will unveil the New-Generation Down Jacket Collection on October 28th, 2020. This is the second collaboration between Bosideng and Jean Paul Gaultier, following the success in 2019 when the legendary French designer chose Bosideng as his first Chinese fashion brand partner. As soon as the news comes out, it has instantly made headlines in the fashion industry and among consumers.

The collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier was sparked by Bosideng’s aspiration of giving more warmth and protection to everyone in this special winter of 2020, as it challenges the conscientiousness and commitment of both sides as designers. Thanks to the positive adventure experience last year, the two quickly agree upon the second season of collaboration that features the New-Generation Down Jacket Collection.

Bosideng x Jean Paul Gaultier to Showcase the New Generation of Classic Fashion

Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the most iconic French fashion designers and the man behind Hermès' exceptional success in the 21st century, who shaped the brand’s legacy as to how Karl Lagerfeld contributed to Chanel. As one of the most inspiring figures in fashion, he has captivated the fashion world throughout his 45 years of career with rebellious creativity and whimsy. The man is a true legend in his profession.

Back in 2019, Jean Paul Gaultier teamed up with Bosideng, the first Chinese fashion brand he has ever worked with, and collaboratively launched the first collection of haute couture down jackets. This year Bosideng x Jean Paul Gaultier is back with the New-Generation Down Jacket Collection, another solid example of the legendary designer’s recognition of Bosideng’s dedication and leadership in winter outerwear. “The co-creation last year has been an enjoyable and revelatory experience for me,” revealed Mr. Gaultier in an interview, “I was intrigued by Bosideng’s commitment to high quality and investment in technology research. It has the unique capability that allows me to create more freely and translate my ideas into actual products. One more interesting fact that I have found in common between us is that we have both worked for 45 years in our own specialized areas. ”

45 Years of Expertise and Innovation Combined Brings Evolution to Life for Down Jacket Aesthetics

Since its inception in 1976, Bosideng has been committed to the research, design, and production of down jackets for 45 years. It proudly owns a national certified innovation lab, 146 patents in various fields, 23 technology-intensive research projects, and 3 domestic qualifications on high-tech products. Every Bosideng down jacket has to go through a rigorous process involving 62 technology personnel, 150 production procedures as well as environmental tests of extreme weather conditions. The relentless pursuit of excellence in down jacket technology helps to the local brand to ascend to the leadership position in the industry. 

In the unprecedented times of 2020, Bosideng aims to level up key capabilities to enhance its technology, material, production, and design of the down jacket, ultimately offering more warmth and protection to people in this chilling season. With such an aspiration in mind, it sent an invitation to Jean Paul Gaultier to discuss the initiative. Sharing the same hope and belief, and thanks to the positive adventure experience last year, the two sides quickly agreed to start their second collaboration, which gave birth to the New Generation Down Jacket Collection. Mr. Gautier recalls, “To me, Bosideng is a brand with a strong sense of compassion and responsibility.”

The New-Generation Down Jacket to be unveiled includes three sub-collections, all featuring Bosideng’s refined technology combined with Jean Paul Gaultier’s emblematic personal design. “The New-Generation Down Jacket adopts my signature design elements such as the reinvented corset, hollow-out and nautical stripes with strikingly bold innovations. Combining high fashion and down jacket, where the function usually exceeds the form, is very challenging, but we have made it, and we have made something beautiful and inspiring,” said Mr. Gautier.

Aesthetic transformation is not the only part leveled up. Leveraging its database of millions of patterns, Bosideng creates one that is more tailored to the body shape of Asian consumers. The selection of materials and production technology have also been largely upgraded thanks to innovation. On the production side, the straight down filling technique is adopted, and the traditional stitching has been replaced with seamless taping, to achieve better insulation. An anti-bacterial textile solution by Nanotex® is used creatively to provide more protection. The Bosideng x Jean Paul Gaultier collection also guarantees optimal resistance to water and wind, while the elasticated finishing makes the garments easy and comfortable to wear.

Bosideng, Leader in Winter Fashion, Will Soon Debut its New-Generation Down Jacket Collection

Bosideng x Jean Paul Gaultier New-Generation Down Jacket Collection will be unveiled on October 28th, 2020 in Shanghai. It will be a star-studded event featuring some of the most loved celebrities, iconic guests, and big names in the fashion industry, and undoubtedly a momentous highlight in high street fashion in the second half of the year. 

Bosideng has been constantly pursuing innovation and pushing technological boundaries that would redefine the down jacket. The “New Generation of Down Jacket” Fashion Show will be a signature show of Bosideng’s unique aesthetic traits that could revolutionize the way of designing down jackets. 


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