Focus on down jacket for 45 years, the strongest lineup of fashion week.
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Focus on down jacket for 45 years, the strongest lineup of fashion week.


Introduction: As the only Chinese down garment brand showed up in Milan fashion week, Bosideng released the fashion week series at the Triennale Design Museum di Milano at 21:00 (BJT) on September 19, 2019. Hollywood famous movie star, Oscar-winning Nicole Kidman, famous blogger Chiara Ferragni, Italian editor of VOGUE Farneti Emanuele, Italian starry sky artist Ottavio Fabbri and etc. came to the scene to support Bosideng Milan Fashion Show. Kendall Jenner, the world's most popular super model, did the opening act for the Boston show, which is her first time doing runway show for Chinese fashion brand. Jean-Paul Gaultier, a world class costumes designer, has also expressed support for Bosideng fashion show through social media.



Nicole Kidman, Ken bean and well-known bloggers together to support Bosideng fashion show.
As the world's top fashion feast, with 52-year history, Milan fashion week has attracted the attention of GUCCI, PRADA, Giorgio Armani and many other international brands, which is regarded as the worldwide vogue vane. As one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, Milan fashion week has been considered as the barometer of fashion design and consumption in the world, it has a deep history and strong artistic atmosphere. Milan fashion week has strict standards for brand screening: world-renowned reputation, ingenious sense of design and exquisite craftsmanship are essential dimensions of consideration. This year, Bosideng, who has focused on down jacket for 45 years, has been in official schedule of Milan fashion week. As the only Chinese down jacket brand, it has displayed the professionalism and design strength of the Chinese brand to the world.



Plenty of celebrities gathered together during Bosideng Milan fashion week. Oscar-winning Nicole Kidman was dressed in a long suit of Bosideng down garments, with black suit underneath, perfectly explained the charm of Hollywood goddess. Super model Kendall Jenner, first time doing runway for Chinese brand, also the opening act for this big show, wearing a long Bosideng down jacket with the theme of “Vast land”, which is quite stunning. The world's first blogger on the cover of VOGUE magazine, Chiara Faragni is also wearing a new Boston product showing up in the front row of the show. In addition, Italian chief editor of global authoritative fashion magazine "VOGUE", Emanuele Farneti; Italian starry sky artist Ottavio Fabbri; Dean of Maran Oni Fashion Art Institute, Giulia Maran ; chairman of Fashion Fashion Association, Carlo Capasa; and photographer of Channel, Solve Sundsbo, also came support the Bosideng fashion show.



Cooperate with starry sky artists, integrate professional crafts with natural inspiration.
Bosideng chose to hold the fashion show in the Triennale Design Museum, which is a famous landmark in Italy.



The Milan fashion show series takes "starry sky, extremely cold, and vast land" as the theme. This series takes the concept of getting close to nature, feeling the collision between remote civilization and modern technology. It explains the integration of all things and expresses the beautiful vision of human nature by using the patterns of stars, aurora and bamboo forests, also using soft, cold proof and moisture permeable fabrics and crafts.



This time, Italian famous painting artist Ottavio Fabbri created the oil painting "starry sky" for Bosideng, where the design inspiration of Bosideng star series comes from. Mr. Ottavio Fabbri has the nickname of "starry creator" and is known as "Mozart in painting". Other than this, he was personally received in person by the Vatican Pope. Ottavio was honored for his outstanding contribution to space exploration with lifelong sponsorship from the European Space Agency.



The combination of professional down jacket and modern art is the original intention of Bosideng's cooperation with Mr. Ottavio Fabbri. Its iconic oil painting "Starry Sky" has been widely used in the tailoring of down jackets with different profiles. Inspired by the starlight, the designer used reflective fluorescent materials at the brim, flange, zipper and so on. Bosideng hopes that East and West culture could be integrated together and reflect a new artistic spirit on the down jacket through the cooperation with artists.



The fabric of fashion show series has the function of windproof and rain proof, and can withstand the extreme cold test of minus thirty degrees. Bosideng upgraded the fabric to environmental protection on the basis of cold resistance. The use of degradable fibers in the “vast land” series can reduce secondary pollution to the earth and air. The reflective gradient fabrics in the series of “starry sky” and the appearance of flowers and sketches under sunlight not only enhance the safety during outdoor activities, but also make them more interesting. The application of Nylon graphite sparse self-heating fabric in “extremely cold” series not only effectively solves the problem of drying static electricity, but also has the function of anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial and anti-ultraviolet. Bosideg aims to create a clean environment and a better life through strict selection of fabrics.



International celebrities are buying, overseas buyers gathering at the showroom
The Bosideng fashion show has gained domestic and worldwide attention. Additionally, Bosideng Showroom is also packed with people. Showroom is not only a display of wonderful series, but also a venue for people to take photos. Fashion bloggers and famous buyers actively try out the fashion week series, experience and feel the wonderful production process of Bosideng, all of which are impressed by the brand's originality and forward-looking artistic vision.



Celebrities are trying out the fashion week series, and highly praised Bosideng's professionalism and fashion attitude. Nicole Kidman mentioned in an interview: "today's big show of Bosideng is wonderful. I feel great energy. The series are fashionable and quite warm. I especially like to match it with a turtleneck sweater, which is fashionable." In addition, well known design master Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hermes Royal fabric master Stephane, luxury brand photographer Solve Sundsbo, supermodel Luna Bijl and Wang Xinyu all show support for Bosideng Milan fashion show. Many overseas media reported the Bosideng fashion show, and the Bosideng related topics also became hot.



Bosideng gained good markets in 72 countries after 45-year brand accumulation
45-year concentration in the field of down jacket made the success of Bosideng in Milan Fashion Week. Bosideng continuously focus on down jacket R&D and production since 1976, each down jacket is processed by at least 62 technicians and goes through 150 working procedure. In addition, Bosideng rose feather content up to 90%, volume up to 800 +. High standards of craftsmanship has won many international certification for the brand. Bosideng won the gold medal in the EXPO in the United States and Russia in 1995, firstly introduced the fashion concept to the down jacket. In 2001, Bosideng was granted French technology products with high quality certificate. In 2018, Bosideng won the 2019 year award outdoor equipment by“outside”. With 45-year development in the field of down jacket, Bosideng is now sold well in 72 countries, such as the United States, France, Italy, and won over 200 million people's choice. The wonderful performance of Bosideng in Milan fashion week, not only marks the innovation and development of Chinese garment industry but also promoted fashion culture integration and collision between east and west, and showed "the beauty of Chinese clothing" to the world. From domestic market to the worldwide market, Bosideng has become China's benchmarking of garment industry development, and more and more recognition and favor being received.


Bosideng will continue to present the Chinese brand influence to the world with a new gesture.


Bosideng Milan fashion show series is about to sell in the world from 24th September. In the meantime, Bosideng Tmall flagship store, global entity shops and buyer shops will open limited places for sale。

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