Selling well in 72 countries worldwide, Bosideng goes overseas with Alibaba
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Selling well in 72 countries worldwide, Bosideng goes overseas with Alibaba


Almost one year has passed since the launch of Tmall Goes Overseas plan by Alibaba Group as an important part of its globalization strategy. The brands delegation that went overseas with Alibaba has been getting a lot of attention from the market in the past one year. This year, in the name of  Tmall Goes Overseas - Australia 2018 Chinese Brands Delegation, led by Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong, a group of leaders of more than 30 outstanding Chinese brands visited Australia in April. Bosideng, as the backbone and on behalf of China’s down clothing industry, together with Alibaba, discussed ways to revitalize Australian business with Australian partners, commercial organizations and government officials.


Business Card of China that sells well in 72 countries

The achievements attained by China’s King of Down Bosideng in the industry is still vivid in our mind. When Bosideng first entered the market in 1995, it grabbed a stunning market share as a down clothing brand; in 1998, it became China's clothing brand that went to the Mount Everest and the North and South Poles; in 2007, it was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange...

Just one year before its visit to Australia with Alibaba, Bosideng had already entered the Australia market through e-commerce, covering more than 1 million Australians. And this is only the tip of the iceberg of its achievements overseas. It is mainly because of its influence on the international market that Bosideng is among the members of the Tmall Goes Overseas delegation.

Bosideng used to supply 30% of the world’s down jackets. It possesses a powerful production and supply system and a sizable consumer base. In nearly 20 years since the first step towards the international market in 1999, Bosideng has attained remarkable achievement with sales of over 200 million down jackets in 72 countries including the United States, France and Italy.


Oversupply on China’s clothing market has forced many factories to export their products. Most of these factories make only cheap products and OEM products for foreign brands. In contrast, Bosideng, which has long been engaged in establishing original brands, is one of the few Chinese brands that enter the international market using their own brands. Bosideng has possesses the brand influence required for Alibaba’s overseas delegation. In 2007, Bosideng was the first in the clothing industry to be awarded the World Famous Brand title.


Bosideng’s brand strength is visible in the impressive data from the international market and the unraveled position as a benchmark in China. With a revenue increase of about 30% and a year-on-year net profit increase of about 50% in 2017, Bosideng has attained remarkable achievements for 23 consecutive years.


With a brand value of RMB 16.2 billion, Bosideng was selected as a Business Card of China by China Brand Research Institute in 2009. In 2015, it was named on the Shoes and Hats Brand Value Ranking with a brand value of RMB 20.725 billion. Bosideng has established itself as a Business Card of China with exceptional achievements on the international market.


Among the members of the Alibaba overseas delegation, Bosideng is undeniably an enterprise with strong sales and brand influence on the international clothing market.


42-year perseverance in ingenuity and quality


Great products provide the strongest support for a brand. For all the members of the Alibaba overseas delegation, their influence on the market today is credited to their outstanding products. For this reason, Bosideng, who’s been dedicated to ingenuity for 42 years, can say in confidence that “Bosideng makes excellent down jackets.


Do Chinese products equal low price and low quality? The achievements Bosideng has made with its down jacket products have shattered the longstanding perception of the international market about Chinese products. Since establishment in 1976, Bosideng has committed itself to the development, design and production of down jackets. Completion of each down jacket must go through at least 62 craftsmen and 150 procedures.


The high-quality products are credited to the attention paid to craftsmanship and techniques. Whether it is extreme coldness, friction or boiling water, Bosideng down jackets has passed these extreme tests. Reliable product quality has laid the foundation for its recognition by markets at home and abroad.


Amid fierce competition on the international market, the evolution from products going overseas to brands going overseas is actually an upgrade from quality to efficiency. Evidently, Bosideng has long been an experienced backbone. As early as 1995, Bosideng down jackets was the first to raise the down content of down jackets to 90%, leading China’s down clothing industry to make a big step forward in product quality. It was also in the same year that Bosideng won Gold Awards in the USA National Merchandise Show in New York and at the St. Petersburg Expo in Russia.


Meanwhile, Bosideng, honored with the distinction Business Card of China, has made active efforts to explore industry standards to promote the development of China’s clothing industry. It is learned that with participation in the formulation of five international standards, nine national standards and four industry standards, Bosideng has become the maker of down clothing industry standards.



Bosideng's contribution to the development of the industry coincides with Alibaba’s Brands Going Overseas strategy. As Business Card of China to the world, Bosideng joined Alibaba in the Going Overseas strategy to further expand the influence of Chinese brands on overseas markets. This explains why Business Card of China Bosideng is on the list of Alibaba’s overseas delegation.


As the competition landscape is going through drastic changes on the down jacket market, a range of clothing brands are joining the competition in the name of fashion, and many foreign down jacket brands are beginning to achieve traction on the Chinese market. In addition to promoting the development of the industry, Bosideng needs to enhance its brand competitiveness to adapt to the development of the times and better represent Chinese brands.


New strategy enhances brand power on all fronts


At the largest franchisee conference in at least the last five years at the end of March 2018, Bosideng announced that it would invest billions in Yuan to fully upgrade the brand in a series of moves, such as brand promotion with so-called head media, collaboration with mainstream channels, store image upgrade in cooperation with a top French designer team and all-round upgrade of product quality and design on the basis of existing conditions.


Bosideng has made numerous achievements in product development, such as being the first in China to build a national laboratory in the industry, possession of 177 patents, and promotion of three down jacket revolutions… On the basis of the perception that Bosideng down jackets are professional and of good quality, it will endeavor to make further improvements to fabrics, down, wool, accessories, craftsmanship and techniques. Today, as consumers become more and more critical, a brand must not only be able to show the taste of the consumers, but also provide solid products to prop up consumption upgrade. With this maneuver, Bosideng aims to consolidate the existing perception of its advantages and improve its competitiveness. As Bosideng’s channels are scattered at all levels of the market, its channel upgrade must keep pace with its product upgrade.


This series of actions is sending out the signal that as Business Card of China Bosideng is adapting to changes, its ambitions remain the same.


As one of the representatives of Chinese brands in the industry, Bosideng’s journey of development is the epitome of the transformation from Manufacture to Quality of many Chinese enterprises. Today, Bosideng has not only scaled the highest peak on the land, but also attained recognition from 72 countries worldwide, leading Chinese brands to a new height.

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