International celebrities attend Bosideng’s debut show at New York Fashion Week for 42-year commitment to down jackets
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International celebrities attend Bosideng’s debut show at New York Fashion Week for 42-year commitment to down jackets


At 9:00 am of September 12, 2018 Beijing time, Bosideng started its debut show at Gallery I at Spring Studios at the New York Fashion Week.


Famous American actress Anne Hathaway, actor Jeremy Renner, famous and legendary woman in America’s business community Wendi Deng, international fashion icons Olivia Palermo, Danielle Bernstein, Adrianne Ho and Leandra Medine and a number of well-known Chinese fashion bloggers attended the show to root for Bosideng.

Victoria’s Secrets model Alessandra Ambrosio opened Bosideng show that a sea of international superstars attended.


The 75-year-old New York Fashion Week has always led fashion trends. Bosideng, a professional Chinese down jacket brand, invited Victoria’s Secrets model Alessandra Ambrosio to walk the show at the New York Fashion Week

A sea of celebrities attended Bosideng's debut show. With the help of Hollywood celebrity stylist Law Roach, the crowd was ignited by the show. Law Roach has worked with Celine Dion and Anne Hathaway many times and has a longstanding reputation in Hollywood. On the strength of the oriental charm of Bosideng down jackets, he unearthed the elegant and classy elements hidden in the design and conveyed it inside and outside the show.

Perfect fusion of oriental charm and high-tech fabrics reinvents brand impression


The show collection is themed (You in Pinyin, meaning traditional Chinese lattice window in English), which incorporates Chinese mystery into the design with the use of Chinese elements such as traditional Chinese window lattices and Chinese ink and wash paintings, reminiscent of the dedication of artisans at work. Bosideng has inherited the same dedication, with which it has been specializing in down jackets for 42 years.

With the use of waterproof and windproof fabrics and rock climbing elements, such as ropes, bands and buckles, the collection not only looks good but also is functional, perfect integration of Chinese cultural elements with modern technology.


The collection is mostly black, white and grey, adding some modern elements, such as the popular bright yellow and high-tech silver, to create collision of traditional and modern elements.


Bosideng creates the legend of Bestselling in 72 countries thanks to 42-year brand heritage


Bosideng has been specializing in down jackets for 42 years. The debut at the New York Fashion Week is the embodiment of its profound brand heritage. Bosideng aims to showcase its professionalism and brand attitude to the world through exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding quality, and demonstrate to the public its charm as a down jacket expert.


In recent years, Bosideng Group is making conscientious efforts to integrate designer resources by partnering with famous designers from countries such as United States and France to deliver top down jackets to the world. Today, Bosideng has been sold in 72 countries including the United States, France and Italy, becoming a pride of Chinese clothing brands. In the future, Bosideng will be committed to the long-term development of the globalization of Chinese design, so that more people will come to notice outstanding design and brand concepts and appreciate the beauty of Chinese down jackets.


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