Bosideng releases capsule collections in collaboration with top international designers
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Bosideng releases capsule collections in collaboration with top international designers


(Beijing, China, October 27th) Bosideng, a Chinese brand specializing in down jackets for 45 years, released capsule collections in collaboration with three top international designers, which was witnessed by world-renowned fashion media and fashion icons. The capsule collections of Bosideng x International Designers will be available at Bosideng stores and flagship stores across the country starting from November 5th.

This collaboration with three internationally renowned designers from the United States, France and Italy is aimed at setting a new global trend in down jackets and unleashing the beauty of Chinese down jackets by breaking the tradition and integrating different fashion styles with exquisite craftsmanship.


American Designer Tim Coppens

Tim Coppens, former Design Director of Ralph Lauren and former Creative Director of Karl Lagerfeld, brought with him 17 pieces. Through the use of superb splicing technique to mix fur and all kinds of high-end fabrics, a strong resemblance to deconstruction in architecture can be felt in this Shelter collection. The fake two-piece design demonstrates the masterful skill of the designer in overlapping, combined with Bosideng's professional techniques, up to 800-fill down, 13 internal and external stitching at an interval of 3 cm and 100% eco-friendly dyed fabrics, manifesting designer’s distinctive taste in luxury.

French Designer Antonin Tron

Antonin Tron, a designer from Fashion Capital Paris, used to the Chief Designer for luxury brands such as LV, Balenciaga and Givenchy. There are 15 pieces in this capsule collection. With New Generation as the selling point, each piece is perfectly fit to meet the demands of sports. With the use of windproof and waterproof GORE-TEX for this collection, each piece is more functional. The A-Line silhouette is very modern. In terms of color, Antonin Tron uses a special silver color, which is reminiscent of snowy mountains under the bright sunshine, exhibiting exquisiteness of French romance.

Italian Designer Ennio Capasa

The Italian designer Ennio Capasa, who is favored by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, delivers the charm of Untamed Nature in this capsule collection. The 15 pieces are designed to showcase designer's avant-garde and wild style. The ultra-long or ultra-short clothing shout out the casual and free-spirited fashion attitude of the wearer; the modern cocoon silhouette can help you show your healthy feminine charm while doing exercise. Ennio uses prints and embroideries to enliven winter clothing. Details like the natural scenery and animal prints or embroideries on the down jackets make consumers feel like in the middle of a forest in Northern Europe.

Bosideng is well sold in 72 countries worldwide after 45 years of commitment down jackets

The collaboration with three world-famous designers indicates Bosideng's intention to go global. By further integrating prospective premium resources worldwide, Bosideng is making continuous efforts to promote the perfect integration of the world's top fashion design and Chinese ingenuity and craftsmanship. Bosideng aims to showcase professionalism and brand attitude to the world through exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding quality, and demonstrate to the public its charm as a down jacket expert that has conquered 72 countries.

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