Booming online sales, long queues at offline stores, why is Bosideng hot again?
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Booming online sales, long queues at offline stores, why is Bosideng hot again?

 As many once-famous clothing brands are fading out of public sight, Bosideng, a down jacket brand in the childhood memories of those born in the 1970s and 1980s, is able to attain growth and booming sales, standing strong after 42 years. During the just-concluded Double Eleven Shopping Festival, Bosideng was the first clothing brand whose presales reached RMB 100 million, and sales hit RMB 200 million within 2 hours from the start of the sale. The capsule collections in collaboration with the three international designers was sold out as it went online. On the offline front, long queues are common at the 100 stores that are opened for business.


What did the former China’s King of Down do to keep up with the trends and the times?


With booming online sales and long lines at offline stores, Bosideng is hot again


For many consumers born in the 1970s and 1980s, the first down jacket in their lives is Bosideng. However, Bosideng seems to have faded away from the sight of the mainstream population in the past few years, becoming the memory of the last generation in the hearts of consumers. This year, many consumers have said that as Bosideng can be seen everywhere. Whether it is the selection into the National Brand Plan as the only clothing brand, or the debut show at the New York Fashion Week, or the release of capsule collections in collaboration with three international designers, or prodcut placements in variety shows, people can’t seem to move their eyes away.


Long queues are common at the completely renovated stores. Many best-selling items are instantly sold out the minute they go online. On the Double Eleven Day, Bosideng Tmall flagship store reported sales of RMB 200 million within one hour, which is more than the sales of the whole day on last Double Eleven Day. The total online and offline sales on the Double Elven Day exceeded RMB 740 million.


Celebrities can’t help their love for Bosideng. Ivy Chen, Karen Mok and Dylan Kuo in this year’s popular Puff collection; Elizabeth Olsen, Orlando Bloom, Adrianne Ho, Chen Linong and Nana Ou-yang in the capsule collections of Bosideng x International Designers make their fans crave the same jacket they wear.

The debut show at the New York Fashion Week and the show for the capsule collections in collaboration with these international designers have sparked sensation on social media in China and overseas, and caught the attention of authoritative mainstream media for coverage.


As a Classic Chinese Brand specializing in down jackets for 42 years, how can Bosideng achieve brand transformation and upgrading?

Bosideng is really transformed after a journey of awakening


In response to an ever-changing consumer market, innovation is the driving force for the sustainable development of a brand. This year, Bosideng placed focus on the main business of down jackets, and set out to reform itself in terms of products, channels and brand strength.


To strengthen its competitive advantages, Bosideng works with first-class international suppliers and designers, and makes continuous efforts in optimization and innovation in terms of design, raw materials, technology, techniques and performance. One of the big steps in this regard is the recent release of capsule collections in collaboration with Tim Coppens, former Design Director of Ralph Lauren, Yohji Yamamoto's Ennio Capasa and Antonin Tron, former designer of LV and Balenciaga.

In addition, in this year's Puff collection, Extreme Coldness collection and the capsule collection in collaboration with Disney, Bosideng has incorporated current fashion elements and top-level technologies and techniques, with designs that ensure warmth and fashion. These collections are loved by Chinese and foreign celebrities. They are instantly sold out the minute they go online.

Not only the products but also the Bosideng stores are transformed remarkably. On October 20th, Shanghai Bosideng flagship store was opened on Nanjing East Road. Meanwhile, hundreds of Bosideng stores were opened in the core commercial districts of major cities across the country. Brand new Bosideng stores sprung up in national landmark business areas, such as on Nanjing East Road, Shanghai, in Xidan Shopping Mall, Beijing, in Hangda Shopping Mall, Hangzhou and on Chunxi Road, Chengdu. It is learned that these upgraded newly opened flagship stores, designed by a team of top French designers, are aimed at creating an experience-oriented one-stop shopping center.


Bosden has made great strides in building brand strength. In September, Bosideng was invited to the New York Fashion Week for a debut show, which attracted the attention of Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Renner, Wendi Deng and other big celebrities. More than 200 foreign media covered the show, which also sparked a buzz on Instagram. Furthermore, Bosideng released capsule collections in collaboration with Disney, Marvel and Wreck-It Ralph. Bosideng also placed products in the hit variety show Keep Running. This is not only a self-reform of the Bosideng brand, but also a sign of Bosideng’s glory return to the mainstream.


The Business Card of China is well sold in 72 countries worldwide after 42 years of hard work


In fact, Bosideng’s quick return to the public eye and becoming popular with the mainstream population are inextricably linked with its 42-year dedication to down jackets and heritage, and its continuous efforts in innovation in terms of down, fabrics, techniques and models.

Bosideng uses the same vendors that supply down to MONCLER. Take fill power for example. Instead of the entry-level 480-fill down, Bosideng uses up to 800-fill, almost 5A-Grade, down


Completion of each down jacket must go through at least 62 craftsmen and 150 procedures. New breakthroughs were made in preventing down from coming out with the use of patent technologies. Needle holes are tinier, and sewing is more precise with 13 stiches at an interval of 3 cm. In addition, every down jacket has to pass three extreme tests, such as the extreme coldness test where it is exposed to temperature of -30 degrees.

Bosideng’s pursuit of excellence in quality has also enabled it to win numerous authoritative awards at home and abroad, making it in the position to set and promote standards for the down clothing industry.


Reliable product quality and design have laid a solid foundation for Bosideng to explore the international market. From the first step towards the international market in 1999, Bosideng has been sold in 72 countries including the United States, France and Italy. The fact that Bosideng has sold more than 200 million down jackets globally is testimony to its leading position in the industry.

Mr. Gao Dekang, Chairman of Board of Directors and President of Bosideng Group, said that Bosideng has built up a solid brand reputation after 42 years in the down clothing industry. At present, the quality and performance of our products have won recognition from the market and consumers. It is leading the development of the industry.

From the New York Fashion Week and the opening of 100 stores to the release of capsule collections in collaboration with international designers and the record-high sales on Double Eleven Day, Bosideng has surprised us time and time again this year. In the future, with 42-year dedication and well-established presence in 72 countries worldwide, Bosideng will continue to forge ahead and get chosen by consumers.

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