Bosideng sweeps through 60 cities with Focus Media, leading up to booming sales of RMB 740 million on Double Eleven Day!
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Bosideng sweeps through 60 cities with Focus Media, leading up to booming sales of RMB 740 million on Double Eleven Day!

 Just after the stunning debut at the New York Fashion Week, Bosideng announced another good news for the Double Eleven Day online sales. Sales from the Tmall flagship store exceeded RMB 420 million and all channel sales exceeded RMB 740 million, setting new records with doubling numbers. The key to Bosideng’s remarkable achievement lies with its focus on the main business and return to the mainstream.

At the Bosideng and Focus Media Strategic Partnership Press Conference in August this year, Gao Dekang, President of Bosideng, said: “Focus Media is the world's number one elevator media group, accurately covering mainstream consumer groups. Its precise identification of target audience and strong ability in vitalizing a brand will play a crucial role in helping Bosideng conquer the RMB 100 billion market and build up core competitiveness of the brand.”

Following the first-round campaign in elevators equipped with Focus Media TVs in 12 cities in August, the second round swept through 60 cities at the end of October, which played a key role in promoting sales for the Double Eleven Day sales. It is learned that on the Double Eleven Day, online sales went through the roof and people lined up at stores. Sales reached RMB 100 million at 00:11:11, then RMB 200 million within 60 minutes. That’s more than the sales of the whole day on last Double Eleven Day. Furthermore, the capsule collections in collaboration with the designers was sold out in less than two hours, and the sales reached RMB 300 million at 8:44 am, a year-on-year growth of 128%.


On the same day, Tmall sales exceeded RMB 420 million, and all channel sales hit a record high of RMB 740 million.

The huge Chinese clothing market is experiencing soaring growth driven by consumption upgrade led by the highly educated, high-income and high-spending mainstream population, who attach more importance to quality and are willing to share. They redefine brands and are the bellwether of consumption. This year, in an effort to vitalize the brand and return to the sight of the mainstream population, Bosideng actively seeks change, focuses on core resources and returns to the main business of down jackets. The key is to win the choice of the mainstream population.


Bosideng needs to quickly establish contacts with the mainstream population, activate consumers’ awareness of the brand, and let everyone know that the outstanding Bosideng is back. The strategic cooperation with Focus Media is an important strategic step for Bosideng to focus on the main business and return to the mainstream.” Rui Jinsong, Senior Vice President of Bosideng, further explained his brand strategy.

With a strong hold on offline traffic portal through dominant coverage of elevators, which boast the benefits of mainstream, inevitable route, high frequency and low interference, Focus Media has been favored by an increasing number of traditional brands. Traditional brands, such as Langjiu, Feihe, CHEERS, Easyhome and BESTORE, have also launched expensive long-term campaign using Focus Media, and achieved substantial increase in sales. Take Feihe for example, according to public data, its sales in the first half of this year were RMB 5.2 billion, an overall year-on-year increase of nearly 60%. On Double Eleven Day, its sales reached RMB 10 billion ahead of schedule. During the CHEERS campaign onslaught using Focus Media TVs and posters in elevators, its brand awareness increased by 72%, and its Baidu Search Index by 98%. After the conclusion of its first-round campaign on Double Eleven Day, 158% of its sales target was accomplished, a year-on-year increase of over 60%.


Under the guidance of the new strategy, Bosideng restarted the campaign with Focus Media. From 12 cities to 60 main cities, Bosideng concentrated the campaign in elevators, an inevitable place for the mainstream population to convey its brand value and dedication to ingenuity to the 300 million mainstream population. Bosideng strives to vitalize the brand through the demonstration effect of the mainstream population, lead the take-off of the industry, and conquer the RMB 100 billion market!

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