Bosideng flagship store, another Internet sensation coming to Chengdu, bound to be in spotlight on Chunxi Road
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Bosideng flagship store, another Internet sensation coming to Chengdu, bound to be in spotlight on Chunxi Road


Speaking of the fashion center of Chengdu, dubbed Land of Abundance, Chunxi Road is not to be missed! Bosideng, which is well sold in 72 countries, opened a flagship store in the northern section of Chunxi Road, Chengdu on November 25th. Following the flagship stores opened in Xidan, Beijing, on Nanjing East Road, Shanghai and in Hangzhou Tower, Hangzhou, this Chengdu store appeared once again in a national landmark business area to welcome consumers with a brand new image.

After debuting at the New York Fashion Week in September, Bosideng, who follows trends closely, took immediate action to drastically transform and upgrade store image, aimed at providing consumers with brand new shopping experience. As the leading brand in the down clothing industry, Bosideng returned with 42 years of heritage, improved craftsmanship and technology, and design that keeps up with international fashion trends. The opening of a range of new stores embodies all-round brand upgrading.

As the most prosperous commercial street in Chengdu, Chunxi Road is not only an important entertainment destination, but also a place that’s inherited the unique cultural qualities of the city. From the perspective of fashion, popularity and commercial value, Chunxi Road is an excellent choice of destination in Chengdu. It is also a synonym of Charm of Chengdu and a billboard of fashion. The Bosideng flagship store on Chunxi Road will certainly become another Internet sensation, a must-go attraction.

New upgraded image and taste


The two-story 2,000-m2 Bosideng flagship store on Chunxi Road, Chengdu was designed by a top French team of designers. At the store, the first thing one notices is the cool exterior design. The split side electronic screen divides the façade into 28 windows, an eye-catching sight from afar. With the high-tech look and the attention-grabbing Chinese logo, its professional status and confidence are exhibited. People can’t help but wonder if this is the same Bosideng that we know.

The interior design is refreshing, simple and grand, a significant transformation from the former outmoded design. With white and beige as the dominant colors, paired with wooden elements, the store looks elegant, comfortable and classy.

The two-story 2,000-m2 store on Chunxi Road is the first flagship store with a space of over 2000 m2 in Southwest of China. Different collections are displayed in different areas, including runway looks from the New York Fashion Week, capsule collection of Puff, which many celebrities have worn, capsule collection in collaboration with Disney, capsule collections of Bosideng X Three International Designers, Extreme Coldness collection and the high-end outdoor collection, which has won the 2019 Outdoor Gear of the Year sponsored by Outside. A variety of collections are offered to meet the different needs of consumers.

Moreover, Bosideng's history and major events are displayed on the wall to convey the brand's heritage and dedication to ingenuity to customers in a visual manner.

Different from others, the store is equipped with an interactive device where customers can experience extreme coldness with temperature as low as -15 degrees. Customers can also experience how Bosideng down jackets keep them warm in such extreme cold conditions, thus their worries about the utility of the down jackets are effectively removed. Personal experience is the best explanation. Kudos to Bosideng's powerful persuasion through interaction with consumers. Well done!

Mammoth of the Ice Age makes people feel like they had traveled through time and space. This year’s high-end outdoor collection is made of GORE-TEX, the world's top fabric of choice for outdoor gear. There are more than 9 billion tiny pores per square inch, which are 20,000 times smaller than water drops, to prevent raindrops from penetrating. And these pores are 700 times bigger than water vapor molecule, so that sweat is easily volatilized through the membrane, making it breathable and comfortable. Furthermore, the membrane of GORE-TEX’s WINDSTOPPER lasts for a long time against heavy wind, while allowing water vapor to escape, minimizing the coldness caused by wind. It also provides extra waterproof protection to keep the down fluffy and warm.

Simple, loose and orderly decoration, embellished with green plants, the simple Chinese style makes people feel warm at home.

Professional down jacket tips on the pillar wraps help consumers better understand the products by explaining product fabrics in details.

Store space is reasonably arranged. There is a customer rest area where customers can rest when they feel tired.

There are also pandas, representative of Chengdu, to add a little local flavor.

Dedication to ingenuity and quality ushers in a new start for the brand

Founded in 1976, Bosideng specializes in the development, design and production of down jackets. Every down jacket has to go through at least 150 processes. It is now well sold in 72 countries. It is its professional dedication to ingenuity and quality and cutting-edge fashion design that has fostered the brand to a new height.


With Chinese ancient paintings as inspiration, the new runway looks from the New York Fashion Week are made of waterproof and windproof fabrics and with quilting techniques. They are a perfect combination of technology with tradition.

The new Puff collection is made of ultra-fine fiber 20D lacquer fabric, which is 60% lighter than ordinary fabrics. The color is bright but the texture is light and comfortable. It is a collection that many celebrities love.


The childlike, fun and lively capsule collection in collaboration with Disney caters to the preferences of young girls for childlike fun and innocence.


Never forget why you started, and keep up with the times”,

Bosideng will continue to forge ahead,


To Provide consumers with products that combine high quality and good appearance,


And fashionable and comfortable shopping experience

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