Bosideng deservingly wins 2019 Outdoor Gear of the Year by Outside
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Bosideng deservingly wins 2019 Outdoor Gear of the Year by Outside


According to reports by authoritative domestic media, the 2019 Outdoor Gear of the Year award sponsored by Outside was officially unveiled. The high-end collection created by Bosideng in collaboration with GORE-TEX deservingly won the 2019 Outdoor Gear of the Year award. Bosideng has been committed to making down jackets for 42 years.

Affirmation of strength and quality

Outside, founded in the United States in 1977, is the only outdoor magazine in China with international copyright. It has strong influence on and appeals to both professional athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The Gear of the Year Awards of Outside is an annual important event for the magazine. And the highly authoritative special issue Outside Buyer’s Guide was created over 40 years ago in the US especially for the Awards. Based on tests conducted on hundreds of latest outdoor products with the use of a variety of scientific testing methods and evaluations of professional Chinese and foreign sports lovers after their months-long field tests of the products, Outside chooses the best product for each category of the Awards, and then present the award to it.

It is such an honor that Bosideng's high-end outdoor collection won this heavyweight award, which demonstrates high level of recognition of the quality and craftsmanship of Bosideng’s down jackets and affirmation of its commitment to innovation and technology.

2019 Outdoor Gear of the Year award: Bosideng high-end collection

Bosideng's high-end outdoor collection stands out from similar products in terms of product performance, design and experience of the wearers.

This collection is made of GORE-TEX, the world's top fabric of choice for outdoor gear. There are more than 9 billion tiny pores per square inch, which are 20,000 times smaller than water drops, to prevent raindrops from penetrating. And these pores are 700 times bigger than water vapor molecule, so that sweat is easily volatilized through the membrane, making it breathable and comfortable. Furthermore, the membrane of GORE-TEX’s WINDSTOPPER lasts for a long time against heavy wind, while allowing water vapor to escape, minimizing the coldness caused by wind. It also provides extra waterproof protection to keep the down fluffy and warm.

With impeccable craftsmanship and modern cuts, the collection looks fancier. With 800-fill and 90% down content with white goose down imported from Europe, and infrared technology for thermal storage on the inside, this collection is light, soft, and provides warmth and care. At the same time, more attention is paid to details. Each quilting is done using lock stich to keep down from coming out.

Dedication to down jackets for 42 years

Founded in 1976, Bosideng specializes in the development, design and production of down jackets. Every down jacket has to go through at least 150 processes. Thanks to 42-year ongoing efforts in innovation in areas such as down, fabric, technology and models, Bosideng is widely acclaimed for excellence in quality and warmth of its down jackets both at home and abroad. Now, Bosideng down jackets are being sold in 72 countries, including the United States, France and Italy, and are worn by over 200 million people worldwide. Bosideng winning the 2019 Outdoor Gear of the Year award with its high-end outdoor collection is proof of its professionalism and capabilities.

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