Bosideng, energized brand through dedication to ingenuity, is invited to appear on China Brand Day
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Bosideng, energized brand through dedication to ingenuity, is invited to appear on China Brand Day


At the 2019 China Brand Day, which opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on May 10, 2019, over 200 Chinese top brands gathered to showcase Chinese brands to attendees. At the 2019 China Brand Value Press Release & China Brand Building Summit, an integral part of the Brand Day, Xinhua News Agency, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Council for Brand Development and China Appraisal Society released, based on their valuation of China’s famous brands, Brand Value Rankings, in which Bosideng was ranked No.1 in clothing industry with a brand value of RMB 24.302 billion and a brand strength of 982.

Bosideng at the center of attention though surrounded by an array of famous brands


As approved by the State Council on April 24, 2017, China Brand Day is held annually on May 10. This year, through the integration of cutting-edge technology and fashion, three technological experience zones were set up to allow participating independent brands to showcase their designs in an innovative way, with the help of modern exhibition technology.

Bosideng, newly minted Most Valuable Brand in clothing industry, set up an eye-catching experience zone, where you can find runway looks from the New York Fashion Week, a high-end windproof, rainproof and breathable outdoor collection made of GORE-TEX and capsule collections created in collaboration with three international designers from the US, France and Italy. Bosideng down jackets generated a lot of buzz among attending guests and audience with outstanding quality and design.


43-year dedication to ingenuity creates brand value


Actually, there were already signs last year that Bosideng would take the first place in the brand value ranking for the clothing industry. From the impressive debut at the New York Fashion Week in September 2018, to the capsule collections created in collaboration with three international designers from the US, France and Italy in October 2018, then to the Down Jacket of the Year presented by the Sina Fashion 2018 Fashion Award - Clothing Ranking, Bosideng gained popularity and recognition among Chinese and foreign stars and consumers. Committed to making down jackets for 43 years and well sold in 72 countries worldwide, Bosideng has become the first choice for down jackets in the heart of consumers with increasing recognition both at home and abroad.

Bosideng’s appearance on China Brand Day has exposed the Chinese public to China’s transformations in the new era, from Made in China to Created in China, from China Speed to China Quality, and from Chinese Products to Chinese Brands.


Focusing on brand building and playing a leading role in Chinese brands going to the top


With the slowdown in the growth of GDP and consumer income, a declining demographic dividend and more competition from foreign brands, many Chinese brands are faced with the challenge of transforming or upgrading their business. Against all odds, Bosideng was able to excel both in reputation and sales amid the economic downturn in 2018. It is reported that Bosideng has brought in over RMB 10 billion in retail sales with the down jacket business for the 2018/2019 fiscal year, and share price has rocketed by 132.8%, the third biggest increase in 2018. In addition to the remarkable achievement in sales, brand awareness for Bosideng has risen markedly. According to Ipsos, the third biggest market research agency, brand awareness foe Bosideng has risen to a whopping 97% as of November 2018.


Behind these great achievements are the 43-year dedication to down jackets and heritage of Bosideng. Since establishment in 1976, Bosideng has committed itself to the development, design and production of down jackets. Completion of each down jacket must go through at least 62 craftsmen and 150 procedures. Guided by the strategy of Focusing on main channels, Focusing on main brands, Streamlining and Diversifying, Bosideng made efforts to upgrade products, channels and image.


Just as Mr. GAO Dekang, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Bosideng Group, said at the event, Bosideng will continue to innovate, keep a high profile, make great achievements for the brand, and play a leading role in introducing Chinese brands to the world and making them famous around the world. At present, Bosideng implements the most rigorous standards to reinvent and upgrade the brand. Furthermore, it will unite Chinese brands and take a leading role in their pursuit of a quality-oriented development.

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