Bosideng shares runway with CHANEL, LV and GUCCI in Cannes, setting global fashion trends
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Bosideng shares runway with CHANEL, LV and GUCCI in Cannes, setting global fashion trends


There were so many highlights throughout the 12-day 72ndCannes Film Festival, which was successfully concluded on May 25th, 2019. Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt made their historic joint appearance at the Festival. Asian films won the top honors for two consecutive years. Another highlight was the most influential fashion event of the Festival, amfAR Cannes Gala, which attracted the attendance of a large number of international stars and luxury brands such as CHANEL, LV and GUCCI. It was also at the Gala that Bosideng, a down jacket brand from China, made its debut in Cannes, joined the catwalk show together with these top international luxury brands, bringing a splendid feast for the eyes of the attending guests.

Bosideng debuts in Cannes, sharing runway with top international luxury brands

A sea of A-list celebrities attended this year’s amfAR Cannes Gala, one of the most influential fashion events at the Cannes Film Festival, including Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody, Orlando Bloom and Mariah Carey.

The highlight of the event was naturally the catwalk show featuring top luxury brands. In addition to CHANEL, LV, GUCCI and other top international luxury brands, Bosideng, a down jacket brand from China, also participated and made its runway debut. Victoria's Secret model Leomie Anderson walked the show in a Bosideng down jacket. Combination of the white jacket with her healthy skin complexion made her look exceptionally sexy!

Carie Roitfeld, French godmother of fashion and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, was the host of the show. As she exhibited great interest in the show look of Bosideng, the attending A-list celebrities buzzed about to try it on.


Bosideng is popular with Chinese and foreign celebrities, gaining recognition with professionalism


It is unexpected but also makes sense that Bosideng appeared at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. For people who have been following the international fashion world, it is evident that Bosideng has become popular in the past year. Many international A-list celebrities are wearing the down jackets from China.


Bosideng appeared as an independent brand at the New York Fashion Week in September 2018, making it the first Chinese brand to host a catwalk show at the event. Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Renner, who starred as Hawkeye in The Avengers, Wendi Deng and other international celebrities attended the show.


Bosideng released capsules collection created in collaboration with designers from the US, France and Italy in October, and a capsule collection created in collaboration with Marvel. Eddie Redmayne, Emilia Clarke, Orlando Bloom and many other international celebrities have worn Bosideng, which has gone viral in the global fashion world.


After Bosideng was awarded 2019 Outdoor Gear of the Year by Outside, it was awarded Down Jacket of the Year by the Sina Fashion 2018 Fashion Award - Clothing Ranking. Together with Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and Gucci, Bosideng was also named Best of the Year in the 2018 Fashion Award - Clothing Ranking.


As a representative of Chinese down jacket brands, Bosideng has won recognition by international celebrities, which is inextricably linked with Bosideng's 43 years of commitment to quality, design and craftsmanship of down jackets. It is gratifying that a Chinese down jacket brand was able to share the same runway with top international luxury brands relying on professional quality and professional design. It is a shared hope that Bosideng will continue to surprise us since the down jacket brand has been with us since our childhood.


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