As new autumn collection comes, are you ready for a new wardrobe?
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As new autumn collection comes, are you ready for a new wardrobe?


With the end of the hot summer only two weeks away and the pleasant autumn just around the corner, are you ready for a whole new wardrobe? In addition to suits, windbreakers and coats, in many cities with large temperature difference between morning and evening, autumn down jackets have become a must-have life-saving item for people outdoors. And new autumn down collection is arriving in Bosideng stores nationwide!


The Sport Collection, represented by the Marvel series, is eye-catching. After 43-year unremitting dedication to improving the designs of every detail, including the designs of the collar, cuffs and the armpits, Bosideng down jackets are less demanding on the body types of the wearer, because people wearing them won’t look as puffed-up as people wearing other brands.

The smart Urban Collection, paired with classic black high boots, can instantly make you look taller. For business people who lack certain so-called professional vibe, this collection can be immensely helpful in boosting your elite presence. Compared to those off-brands, Bosideng is of vastly superior quality. Even a simple single-color down jacket can make you look fancier.

It is well known that the two key indicators for measuring the warmth of down jackets are down content and fill power.

Bosideng acquires down from four down-producing countries, Poland, Hungary, Czech and China, and only premium down from the area between the chest and the abdomen is acquired. Designated as bluesign approved, the down we use is also controllable, traceable, globally recognized and safe. The better the quality of the down and the higher the down content, the warmer the down jacket.

For down jackets, down content of 50% is only the entry level. Under the rigorous standards for quality control implemented by Bosideng, the down content of its down jackets is increased to 90%, and the fill power far exceeds the industry standard. Compared to the entry-level 480-fill down, Bosideng uses down up to 1000-fill, and even 600-fill down for basic models.

Furthermore, every Bosideng down jacket is able to pass the three tests it must undergo, namely the cold resistance test in which the jacket is exposed to -30 degrees for 24 hours, the friction test in which it is subject to friction for 15000-20000 times, and the zipper smoothness test in which the zipper is zipped and unzipped for 10000 times. Even if you don’t go to severe cold areas, whenever it gets cold, you will still feel warm wearing just one Bosideng down jacket and one T-shirt.

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