Member dynamics

Warm+ | A letter of thanks that warmed all BoSiDeng people’s hearts


Every Warm+ Member is one of the BoSiDeng family.

With the development of information technology nowadays
There are still many people who are fond of writing letters
Bearing the wish of sending written words to express true feeling
Having surmounted a long journey crossing many countries
A letter arrived
In the hands of Gao Dekang Chairman of BoSiDeng Group lately

A BoSiDeng member with special demand for clothing size seek to buy a suitable down jacket
from BoSiDeng
Because he failed to get any at the local stores
After face-to-face communication and size measurement, BoSiDeng’s Warm+ Membership Center
Looked into the inventory of warehouses all over the country and made corresponding
Finally, we found 3 suitable down jackets for this member
Every single word and sincere appreciation from the letter

Warmed all BoSiDeng people’s hearts in this winter

If a high-quality down jacket
is BoSiDeng's unswerving warm guardianship for all
BoSiDeng’s Warm+ Membership Center is the practitioner of this guardianship
Join BoSiDeng family
Enjoy the exclusive benefits as a member
You will be impressed by our thoughtful and considerate services.


BoSiDeng goose down
Can warm your body
BoSiDeng membership
Can warm your heart
Thank you all for joining BoSiDeng family
Thank you for your appreciation
Thank you for your trust
Having the opportunity to serve you all is BoSiDeng's greatest luck
The benefits present to you will be as caring as ever

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