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BoSiDeng’s 3.15 Brand Integrity Event Successfully Held in Changshu

Downwear expert

Focusing on down jackets business for 42 years, BoSiDeng has been contributing to build brand integrity with every single high-quality clothing. Just in the past World Consumer Rights Day on March 15th, BoSiDeng held an event called “3.15 Brand Integrity Journey, We are on the Way” in Changshu. In the event, we collected suggestions, answered consumers’ queries, introduced common knowledge of down jackets, and demonstrated professional quality appraisal etc. Hence the participants not only knew more about down jackets in a professional way, but also learned quite a few tips to defend their rights and identify counterfeit products!

Bosideng down jackets

Listen to the Consumers

Our staff at site asked the consumers suggestions to BoSiDeng in detail, and made records properly. A customer Mr. Zhang told us gladly that his son would buy BoSiDeng down jacket for him every year. It was really comfortable and warm, however he still hoped that there would be more fashionable styles suitable for middle-aged and old people like him, which could make them look decent and young. We also received many other suggestions at site, and believe that we will give our customers satisfactory responds accordingly in the near future.

Bosideng down jackets

Technical Answers from Our Down Jacket Experts

“Now down jackets have 2 types which are duck down jackets and goose down jackets. What's the difference between them?” A consumer asked. Here was the answer from our expert: First of all, the difference is that ducks like to eat insects in water, while geese are herbivores, so goose down does not have the odor problems like duck down. Secondly, goose down has larger velvet, higher hollowness, which make it fluffier and warmer. Finally, BoSiDeng down jackets are filled with high-quality down, and will make you feel cozy and warm, which are absolutely your ideal choice! Our experts answered questions one by one at site. In this way, all participants got a deeper understanding of high-quality down jackets.

Bosideng down jackets

Authenticity Identification of Down Jacket

Our staff and experts demonstrated 3 steps to the participants on how to distinguish fake down jackets: smell, look and check! Step 1: Smell. If the product has watery or dusty smell, it means the quality is poor. High-quality goose down does not have the unpleasant light grass smell. Step 2: Look. The lines on down jacket surface are called “quilting threads" in technical terminology. Only if the quilting threads are regular, obvious, and routed neatly under visual inspection can the filled down be fixed without displacement. Step 3: Check. BoSiDeng has a prolfessional anti-counterfeiting inquiry system for its down jackets. Just use a mobile phone to scan the QR code on the jacket tag, you can easily identify its authenticity.

Bosideng down jackets

Delicate Gifts Free of Charge

In the event, the participants received delicate gifts from BoSiDeng. The gifts included customized tissues with exquisite packaging, professional and efficient liquid detergents for down jackets... Through this event, BoSiDeng wished to provide real conveniences and benefits to our consumers with sincerity, and make this era of consumption based on brand integrity full of human warmth!

Bosideng down jackets

March 15, 2018 has passed, but the era of consumption based on brand integrity, which belongs to BoSiDeng and every consumer, is always innovating. Focusing on down jackets business for 42 years, BoSiDeng has won worldwide trust with our professional craftsmanship and unique down technologies. We are writing our legendary brand story with ingenuity. We are gaining everyone's trust in BoSiDeng with our honesty. We are holding customers’ hands to step forward in the era of consumption based on brand integrity. Believe in BoSiDeng, believe in the power of brand sold well in 72 countries all over the world!

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